About Me

Hi, my name is Kimberley Rose Gill.

I’m so happy you found your way to my blog.

Here is a little background on me:

Timber Trail Editions was my moniker for the umbrella to encompass the artwork that I produced (and sold), which is mainly wildlife, although I have done some other personal artwork for friends, family and a few on consignment.

I have always loved wolves and birds of prey, so many of my pieces represent those types of wildlife.

I have not taken any formal training in art, besides the usual high-school courses here and there.   I am not sure what drew me to drawing in itself, except that I have always enjoyed creating new pieces and seeing what emerged in my efforts.  And my family has always been the “creative types”, be it knitting, crocheting, sewing, photography, painting, crafts etc., etc.

It’s funny when I am asked why I haven’t done much recently… I really have no answer.   It’s no longer “time”, as I actually did most of my pieces during the time when my two oldest children were quite young.  And, somehow, I still managed to find the time.  So really, there are no good excuses left.  So, on my quest of “making my way in the world today”, and simplifying my life – this is something I do plan to resume wholeheartedly.   They say once you get back on that bike, it all comes back to you, so we will see if that applies to creating artwork as well.

Even my mother has always said it’s a shame I didn’t “do something” with my talent (keep in mind the “talent” word was used by my mother, so I do take that with a grain of salt).  LOL.

Most of my pieces are done on a paper I had found many years ago, at the time I called it “Scratchboard”.   My understanding of it is that it’s paper covered in a thin layer of coloured clay, which you then “scratched” out your drawing from.  An exacto-knife was my preference.  (I have found the paper in local art stores, but it’s much smaller now and usually comes in a booklet of sorts, in a pre-determined size, 8 x 10 being the usual).  My preference was always black, and underneath was white.  So, in effect, you were kind of doing a “reverse” drawing.  Scratch too much, and your drawing was doomed.  I think I preferred this medium as it did not involve wet paint, brushes, clean-up etc.  I could just pick it up and scratch away when the desire hit me.   Although, I have also done a few pieces using acrylic paints as well.  (You’ll see my Acrylic Siberian Tiger when I post it).  I will post all of the others as well.

When starting a new piece, my focus was always to start with a very important feature of the animal, or location (for example in a church/building… I would start with the chapel, or main door), and with an animal… always the eyes.  Once I had nailed those, I would proceed.

I will start to source this paper (what I called scratchboard) online, as I used to be able to purchase it in big sheets, and just cut out the portion I wanted to work with.  If anyone knows where I might be able to source it, please feel free to let me know where.

One quick caveat to add…  when I was in the thick of creating my drawings, I would just “hack off” a chunk of paper and start etching.  It wasn’t until my very WISE mother, (once again), pointed out to me that I really should be considering the final dimensions so that my pieces are readily able to be framed by a consumer.  (8×10, 10 x 12, 16 x 20 etc.).   She is one smart lady!!!  LOL.  So, I did start to do that as time went on.

I did win a few ribbons at the “Buckhorn” Art Festival in Buckhorn, Ontario for some of them.  Geez, I should really dig those out and display them as my new-found inspiration.

I will be posting my drawings here shortly.  I would love to hear any feedback you may have.  Most have been professionally reproduced in editions of 100 / 250.   I have had a booth at Kempenfest (one of North America’s largest craft shows, located in Barrie, Ontario, Canada) featuring my wildlife artwork in the past, and have also sold through family, friends and also online via Ebay.  Some have sold out, but I do have remaining copies of quite a few of them.

I am VERY excited to rejuvenate this part of my life, as I did really enjoy creating these pieces.

I hope you enjoy viewing them once I get them posted.

If you want to contact me, click this link here.