Beloved Bailey

This piece of artwork I did for a very good friend of mine, (what are we at now…..  25-30 years?), who Baileylost her beloved Bailey last year after many years of companionship.

Her kids actually gave her the picture on my behalf, (I told them to take the credit… but just found out they blabbed – haha) – anyway, the unveil today apparently made her a teeny-bit weepy.

Didn’t mean to make you cry Jo-Jo, but I know they were tears of happy memories….  Bailey was such a sharp looking boy.  xoxoxo

This is what I love so much about doing my art – capturing moments in time so they can continue to be enjoyed every day.



Pet Portrait – “Elegant Ellie” is unveiled

I have been so excited to “unveil” my latest commissioned pet portrait, but needed to wait for the gift-giver to give it to his lady-love.  I certainly did not want to ruin any surprises.  🙂

Now that I can, I’m so excited to introduce the lovely “Ellie”.  One thing for sure, this rescued pup is very, very loved and has hit the JACKPOT with this mommy and daddy and was such a beautiful subject to capture.

Thank you again Bob Chant for the opportunity, and I’m so happy to hear that you loved it Annie!

Ellie - WM - Commission Cropped Properly


Harley – German Shepherd – Prismacolour on black

Harley - Final

Our German Shepherd, Harley

This is a portrait of our German Shepherd, Harley.

Completed February 2016.  8 x 10.

Medium:  Prismacolour on black archival paper.

The reference photo was from when he was about 2 years old.  He’s a little older now (7 1/2), and probably 40 lbs heavier – but he’s one fur-baby member of our pack of three.