Siberian Tiger – Acrylic Painting

Siberian Tiger Acrylic PaintingThis is an acrylic painting I did of a Siberian Tiger some years ago, (I am guessing maybe 20 years).   At the time, this was my first attempt at using acrylic paints on canvas.

This painting has been reproduced as a limited edition, and prints are still available for sale.


I will update this post with exact dimensions tomorrow – although best guess is approximately 26 x 20 inches – it is a fairly good size.  (Yes, I apologize, this is the artist’s mind at work … I pay no attention (rather, I USED to pay no attention) to size when starting a project).  I have learned over the years to begin with a standard size paper/canvas, rather than ripping off a piece of paper and figuring out the framing later.

My more recent artwork all fits into standard sizes…. 5×7, 8×10, 9×12, 11×14 etc.

Cane Corso

This is a picture of our Cane Corso, “Hef”, (8 months old in this picture), supervising me as I completed my drawing. He’s actually resting his head and sleeping on my arm, which made finishing it a little more challenging.  But, I did eventually finish.

Medium:  Scratchboard


Hef-Supervisor-400px-300x220 Hef-380px-300x206


Some background on the process of Scratchboard:

Scratchboard is a special paper covered in a thin layer of coloured clay, which you then “scratch” out your drawing using a tool, such as a simple exacto-knife. My preference is to use the black paper, which is white underneath.  But you can also get it in white, adding colour to it for special effects.  But, my favourite by far is to work with the black.  In effect, you are approaching this drawing by removing the highlighted area, and leaving the dark areas – which is effectively doing a “reverse” drawing.  You must be careful not to scratch away too much.

When starting a new piece, my focus is always to start with a very important feature of the animal, or location (for example in a church/building… I would start with the chapel, or main door), and with an animal… I always start with the eyes.  Once I have nailed the eyes, I would proceed with the rest of the drawing.

Always looking for feedback and comments!! (And your suggestions for new pieces, keeping in mind I enjoy doing wildlife the most).

If you have any ideas/suggestions, you can contact me here by clicking this link.

Tiger Cub

TigerCub - Frame WM

This is a drawing I did quite a few years ago, as a Christmas present for my Uncle Lorne. It was a Christmas that our family decided the theme would be a “make-it-yourself Christmas”. And since I had pulled Lorne’s name in the family draw, he said he wanted a drawing. So, this is what I gave him. I’m pretty sure he was happy with it, he said he was…. LOL. (Also, I did make limited edition prints before giving away the original, and still have a few left.)

Back to the point of a make-it-yourself Christmas, every year since, I completely struggle with the notion of presents and gift-giving, more specifically … the SHOPPING for them. Not at all because I’m cheap, or dislike the shopping experience. I just can’t wrap my head around why we continue to drudge out, and spend oodles of money for gifts that I suspect either 1) aren’t needed 2) don’t really get used 3) or, are privately re-gifted (LOL). I don’t do this, but I’ve heard that some people do…. (tee hee). So, every year I start thinking about what we could do, as a family, to make Christmas more meaningful, and less “commercial”. I still haven’t quite figured that out, as not everyone has the ability to “make something” … but on the other hand, I personally would love receiving a gift that, as weird, out of proportion, or strange as it may look, came from someone who “tried”, especially knowing it came from the heart. Something like that would definitely find a place on my mantel, that is for sure!!!

I’ll revisit this “make it more meaningful” Christmas theme in a few months, as I’d love to hear people’s thoughts, and/or ideas on what other families do tradition-wise.

In the meantime, enjoy the wonderful summer everyone!!

Always looking for feedback and comments!! (And your suggestions for new pieces, keeping in mind I enjoy doing Wildlife the most). If you have any ideas/suggestions, you can contact me here by clicking this link.