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Pet Portrait – Timber Trail Editions Custom Artwork


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Product Description

Timber Trail Editions will do a custom portrait of your family pet!

Capture your furry, feathered, (or scaly) family member for eternity in a one-of-a-kind picture.  Very popular for Birthdays, Anniversary’s, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or even those”just-because” kind of days.

Send along at least one high-quality picture of your pet, but several several pictures are better.  Email the artist @ TimberTrailEditions@gmail.com with your photos.

NOTE:  If you are going to take new pictures of your pet for the portrait, here are some tips for getting a great shot.  1) The best pictures are those taken down at your pets level.  We all tend to take pictures from our standing level, but those don’t interpret well for a portrait.  2)  Try to get someone to help you. In my experience, my dogs are notorious for posing great… until I raise the camera to my face.  Then, they come running over before the picture is taken.  A helper is great to keep them distracted until you set up. 3) Sufficient light so fine  details are captured.  I can always enhance your picture in minor ways if needed, but if your photo is a pet peaking from under the couch, I couldn’t possibly add what I can’t see.  🙂

Lead-time is currently 4 weeks minimum.

11 x 14, one subject.  High quality artist-grade paper.  Delivery extra.  (Artwork only – not framed.)


Additional Information

Colour, single subject, face, head and shoulders


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