Some background on the process of Scratchboard:

Scratchboard is a special paper covered in a thin layer of coloured clay, which you then “scratch” out your drawing using a tool, such as a simple exacto-knife. My preference is to use the black paper, which is white underneath.  But you can also get it in white, adding colour to it for special effects.  But, my favourite by far is to work with the black.  In effect, you are approaching this drawing by removing the highlighted area, and leaving the dark areas – which is effectively doing a “reverse” drawing.  You must be careful not to scratch away too much.

When starting a new piece, my focus is always to start with a very important feature of the animal, or location (for example in a church/building… I would start with the chapel, or main door), and with an animal… I always start with the eyes.  Once I have nailed the eyes, I would proceed with the rest of the drawing.

Always looking for feedback and comments!! (And your suggestions for new pieces, keeping in mind I enjoy doing wildlife the most).

If you have any ideas/suggestions, you can contact me here by clicking this link.